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Adept LMS is currently in beta mode. If you want to use the application, you can apply for an account here.


Sell more, teach more and relax more with Adept

Blended learning

With Adept you can deliver any combination of live training together with computer-based training - whether that is webinars, virtual classroom, traditional classroom or one on one coaching.

Accredited learning time

Mark attendance on your live training sessions and combine automatically with time spent learning online. And any external activities can be logged as well to add up to the total accredit learning time.


Adept lets you integrate you own multi-vertical and multi-level gamified learning experience. Users can earn points, badges and levels for learning experience or for community interaction.

Our development roadmap

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Course booking module - beta version

Estimated release: 12 May 2016 Posted by:

If you want to sell your course or sell access to group meetings or lessons, you will be able to do so with this booking module. It integrates with Stripe for credit card transactions, and you can choose to sell the course as subscription service, or single charge for any specified access duration.

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Estimated release: 20 May 2016 Posted by:

This feature allows you to build a series of help articles to allow your users to quickly figure out how to make the most out of the training services you're offering. You can build a public wiki, or make knowledge base only available for your users. Furthermore, you can define which roles will have ability to create and update the wiki articles.